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VOA Airs President Bush’s State of the Union Address and the Democratic Response

The address and the Democratic Response will also be available as on demand video feeds

VOA offers extensive live multimedia coverage of President Bush’s State of the Union address in several languages, followed by the Democratic Party response. Reports are broadcast on radio, television, and the Internet. For satellite information, check Tune in to Wednesday’s Talk to America at 1600 UTC (11:00 a.m. EST) for reaction and analysis.

Streaming: plans to carry LIVE streaming feeds of the President's State of the Union address in English, Persian, and Bahasa Indonesian. The Democratic Response to the State of the Union address will be streamed live in English soon after the completion of the President's address and will be available on demand the next day as well. Links will be available on a special web page at

On Wednesday, 1 February, will provide on demand video feeds in Windows Media, REAL, and MP3 (podcasting) formats in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Bahasa Indonesian, Persian, Turkish, Portuguese, Swahili, and Hausa.

Television highlights:
· Telstar 12 at 15 degrees West - Persian special broadcast
· Eutelsat Hotbird, Intelsat 907 (for Europe/Eurasia/Africa) – English on Channel 1 and Russian on Channel 2
· AsiaSat and IOR – English on Channel 1, Bahasa Indonesian on Channel 2
· New Skies 40.5 deg W, 319.5 deg E, Galaxy 3 – English Channel 1, Spanish Channel 2

Additional English shortwave radio frequencies:
· 4930 KHZ / 60 meter band
· 6035 KHZ / 49 meter band
· 6080 KHZ / 49 meter band
· 7280 KHZ / 41 meter band
· 7290 KHZ / 41 meter band
· 7340 KHZ / 41 meter band
· 9885 KHZ / 31 meter band
· 11705 KHZ / 25 meter band
· 11820 KHZ / 25 meter band
· 17740 KHZ / 16 meter band