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A wealth of programming in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tibetan

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Where can you go to find seven hours of TV and 98 hours of radio per week, daily comprehensive and objective news by e-mail, and a dynamic web page with text as well as audio and video – all in Chinese? VOA, of course!

With so much programming in both Mandarin and Cantonese, everyone can find a favorite program or feature. On television, for example, Issues & Opinions presents discussions Monday through Thursday on the current events everyone is talking about, and invites your participation. Cultural Odyssey provides a weekly look at arts and entertainment, and American Report gives a snapshot of the U.S. each week in Cantonese as well as in Mandarin. Local broadcasters such as ATV in Hong Kong, and TVBS and ETTV in Taiwan carry VOA television programs. All shows are also available direct from satellite.

Every day, radio listeners choose from 12 hours of informational and cultural programming in Mandarin, along with two hours of Cantonese and four hours of Tibetan. Broadcasts include news, features, and Americana. Listeners can also work on their English with the help of a variety of English Teaching programs. Whatever your preference, all programs are available on our website for you to watch or listen to at your convenience.

See pages 13, 16 and 18 for information on all our broadcasts, and visit and for more information.

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Get the latest news on VOA’s Chinese Web site provides audio, video, text, and also the latest news by e-mail. Chinese web team from left to right: Zhiyuan, Ken Tsang, Haiyan, Wentong Ma, Ying Liu, Fang Yuan, and Yang Chen (seated)