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First Edition of ‘Eyes on Youth’ Airs on ‘Talk to America’

Listen to the first program online

Brian Wagner hosted this first edition of Eyes on Youth on Friday’s Talk to America. The segment aired during the program's second half, after Reporter’s Notebook.

VOA’s youth correspondents – Brian Wagner, Suzanne Presto, Barry Unger, Crystal Park, Barry Newhouse, and John Featherly – plan to contribute regularly to Talk to America, with topics of interest to young people from all over the world. This initial broadcast included an introduction to their team and their goals, along with stories on the popularity of social networking Internet sites, immigration, internships in Washington, D.C., and the seemingly universal interest in designer labels. Catch this first show online at your convenience.

For more youth reporting, visit the ‘Eyes on Youth’ page on Each week, our reporters look at the interests, hopes, and issues driving today’s young people as they work to shape their world.