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Venezuelan General Predicts Referendum Vote Against Chavez

General Baduel declares to VOA his belief 'in democracy as it is decreed in our constitution.'

Washington, D.C., November 23, 2007 - In an exclusive interview, Venezuelan General Raul Isaias Baduel told the Voice of America (VOA) yesterday that the Venezuelan people will vote against the upcoming Constitutional referendum on December 2.

Breaking with Hugo Chavez, his former boss and political ally, he stated, "In Venezuela the people will vote 'no' massively to the referendum."

General Baduel, retired Minister of Defense, declared, "I am a fervent believer in democracy because that is the greatest will of the Venezuelan people. I believe in democracy as it is decreed in our constitution."

Excerpts from the interview aired today on the VOA Noticias television program and on VOA radio. The full interview will be broadcast several times over the weekend. The interview will be posted on VOA’s Spanish-language website:

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