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Environmental Webcast Debuts on VOA Website

Environmental Webcast Debuts on VOA Website

Washington, D.C., June 9, 2008 - The Voice of America's (VOA) Worldwide English Division launches its environmental webcast, Going Green, today. Going Green is an informal and fun look at green technology and what people around the world are doing to promote a greener life. It highlights new technologies for helping curb greenhouse gas emissions, and features conservation efforts, including the preservation of endangered species and issues associated with deforestation.

The webcast aims to promote a greener lifestyle and to remind audiences that it is individuals who are ultimately responsible for keeping the planet clean for future generations. There will also be guidelines on how to effectively reduce, reuse and recycle.

"I'm hoping this program will encourage everyone to be more thoughtful about the environment, and to do what they can do in their every day activities to help preserve it," said Producer Rebecca Ward. "Even little things, like taking a reusable cloth bag to the market for shopping, instead of using a plastic bag, can make a huge difference for the environment."

The theme of the first edition of Going Green is the positive and negative effects of rising fuel prices. It includes stories on speedboats that use recycle vegetable oil as fuel; an increase in thefts of recycled fuel corresponding to the rise in fuel costs; and the disappearance of tropical forests as their trees are used for fuel.

Going Green's 3 to 4 minute webcast can be found on the Science, Technology and Health page on VOA's website,, where it is posted every Monday.

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