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VOA Interviews Iraqi President

Talabani assures neighboring countries new strategic agreement with US poses no threat

Washington, D.C., June 27, 2008 – Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, in an exclusive interview with the Voice of America (VOA), assured Iraq's neighbors that the forthcoming long-term strategic agreement between his country and the United States would not pose a threat for them.

"Iraq is in its springtime because our relations have never been as good as it is today with other countries," said President Talabani.

He also hoped that all Iraqi groups would understand the importance of the strategic agreement with the United States.

On Iraq's relations with neighboring Turkey, the President told VOA the Turkish Prime Minister will visit Baghdad and there will be an accord between the two countries regarding bilateral relations. He added: "Currently, Iraqi Kurds and Turkey have good relations following several meetings in Baghdad, Kurdistan and London."

President Talabani's remarks follow a meeting with President Bush Wednesday where both leaders called for a long-term strategic agreement between Iraq and the United States. The Senate also passed a $162 billion bill Thursday that will continue to finance operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of the Bush administration.

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