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Astronauts to VOA: "We Hear You Loud and Clear"

Webcast available for on demand viewing

Washington, D.C., March 20, 2009 – "Go ahead, Voice of America. We hear you loud and clear," said Astronaut Mike Fincke today as he and fellow astronauts answered Voice of America (VOA) questions from the International Space Station.

A video webcast from the astronauts who have been on the space station since Tuesday to deploy new solar array wings is available at

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"People everywhere really want to know what it is like to see the earth from space," said VOA's Ndimyake Mwakalyelye, host of the VOA webcast. "What can you see from the space station?"

"Looking at earth is our favorite pastime activity," replied Fincke. He mentioned the astronauts could see airports, bridges and the Pyramids in Egypt but were unable to see the Great Wall of China because it blends into the scenery.

Sandra Magnus, the only female astronaut on the mission, said the view is "the most amazing thing I've seen … (the earth) is very small and very fragile."

Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata said the crew is busy most of the time, noting he had "not yet had time to read a book." Also appearing was Russian cosmonaut Yury Valentinovich Lonchakov.

VOA Executive Editor Steve Redisch said the interactive webcast had attracted international interest. "We received questions from all across the globe – Brazil, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Russia, and Iran, to name a few."

The U.S. space shuttle Discovery launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on March 15 and arrived at the space station on March 17. The astronauts were set to spend a total of eight days at the space station.

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