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Special VOA Series Marks September 11 Anniversary

To mark the anniversary of 9/11, VOA Spanish airs online stories that examine how people are coping eight years later

Washington, D.C., September 10th, 2009 – To mark the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Voice of America’s (VOA) Spanish Service is airing online stories that examine how people are coping after eight years.

"9-11 had a tremendous impact all over the world, including Latin and Central America," said Alberto Mascaro, Director of VOA Spanish. "Our series is designed to educate our viewers and listeners about the long-term legacy of the attacks on New York and Washington." Nearly 3,000 died in the attacks.

To report the series, "9/11: Eight Years Later," VOA sent a team of producers to New York to look at the city which experienced the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

The stories include, "Music and 9/11," which profiles commemorative songs composed and performed by some of the world’s most popular musicians, and "Living With Post-Traumatic Stress" – a report on the enduring psychological scars left on those who survived.

The series also looks at conspiracy theories fueled by September 11th, and how the event forever changed New York City’s architectural landscape.

The project is posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and invites viewers to comment on the stories. "9/11: Eight Years Later" can be viewed at

Other VOA divisions are also producing special reports. VOA’s South Asia Division is marking the anniversary with call-in shows, panel discussions and personal stories in Pashto, Dari, Hindi and Urdu.

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