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VOA Audiences Can Now Get News With

Now available in 3 languages, more are planned

Washington, D.C., October 1, 2009 - Voice of America (VOA) is adding another way for English, Mandarin and Spanish audiences around the world to listen to news by downloading Stitcher ( on smart phones and the Internet.

Stitcher allows listeners to create personalized VOA radio content on computers, iPhones and Blackberry phones in three languages.

Doug Boynton, director of VOA's marketing office, said partnering with Stitcher is part of a multifaceted strategy to integrate VOA with Internet audiences around the world. "It's an important way to offer VOA programming on more platforms," he said.

Users can share VOA broadcast stories through Stitcher accounts with friends through Facebook and Twitter to help spread the news they hear.

The VOA-Stitcher partnership plans to add more of VOA's 45 languages in the future. Stitcher has provided web service for two years, and became available for download in the iTunes App Store in summer 2008.

The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. VOA broadcasts approximately 1,500 hours of news, information, educational, and cultural programming every week to an estimated worldwide audience of more than 125 million people. Programs are produced in 45 languages.

For more information, call VOA Public Relations at (202) 203-4959, or e-mail