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Amb. Karim Kawar Tells VOA Maintaining the Security of Voters Should be Iraq’s Main Focus During Elections

Jordanian Ambassador discusses the importance of the upcoming elections for Iraq and the region in second part of his News & Views interview, airing Wed. 12 Jan.

In part 2 of his interview, Jordanian Ambassador to the United States, Karim Kawar, says “The challenge first and foremost is security,” emphasizing it is vital that the environment is “secure enough for the Iraqis to be able to go to the voting ballots and cast their votes without being threatened.” Amb. Kawar also discussed the Iraq election’s impact on the Middle East, telling VOA that “Our economies depend on Iraq, and Iraq’s livelihood now depends on Jordan. We primarily see that if the situation develops into a larger crisis in Iraq, it will undermine the stability of the whole region. And for this reason we cannot afford a failure.” He explained, “It is our duty and responsibility to help Iraq establish its stability so that it can be a reason of hope for the region.”

News & Views is a daily, 30-minute television news show broadcast via satellite to audiences in Iran at 1700 UTC. Their web page, in Persian, has more information.