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Kurdish Broadcasting to Iraq

VOA’s daily Kurdish radio broadcasts bring news and popular programs to a wide audience in Iraq and neighboring countries. For four hours a day, the programs are transmitted on shortwave, as well as through AM and FM stations. Topics range from art and culture to business and economic issues, from youth interests to stories of Kurds around the world. The calls, e-mails, and faxes that pour in to VOA are proof that the shows are well-liked and in tune with the audience. For example, Kurdish children from around the world participate in the Shining Stars program, and audience members call in to Hello Washington from the Middle East, Europe, North America and even from Australia and New Zealand. A new Iraqi Minister thanked us for our “informative” programs. “I listen every morning to VOA/Kurdish broadcasts on the FM in Baghdad,” he said. “I like the program very much.”

Please see the complete Kurdish program information on page 43, and check frequencies on page 44, in the Near East & Central Asia section.