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Expanded Broadcasting in Burmese and Korean

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In September, we doubled our radio broadcasting in Burmese, to 3 hours daily, and added an hour of rebroadcast on 1575 AM (1530-1630 UTC). This is to help get timely and accurate information about

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the situation in Burma not only into that country and surrounding areas, but also, through our website and online streaming, to Burmese speakers around the world. We’ve filled an urgent need to help the people of Burma feel connected to the world, and to realize that they are not forgotten.

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In October, our Korean broadcasts also increased, from 3.5 hours daily up to 5 hours daily. This expansion includes three new programs – News Panorama, Washington News Parade, and America Today. They bring primarily Korean and U.S. news and information to listeners in North Korea as well as in South Korea. “VOA will always strive to provide what people cannot receive through their own domestic media,” said VOA Director Danforth W. Austin.

To keep up with our Burmese and Korean broadcasts, or listen to program streams, visit our web pages: and