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The New Sound in Pakistan & India

Radio listeners in and around Pakistan have begun tuning in to a new sound: Radio Aap ki Dunyaa (Your World Radio), which is now broadcasting 12 straight hours a day. From 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Pakistan time (1400-0200 UTC), the on-air personalities of Radio Aap ki Dunyaa present a lively mix of news, information and music. The original VOA Urdu Service, known for presenting reliable and objective news, has been joined by new broadcasters, all originally from Pakistan, who specialize in current affairs, music, and entertainment features.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to create a radio station that provides our audience with the information and entertainment they want throughout the night, rather than fitting it into time blocks," says Aap ki Dunyaa director Brian Q. Silver.

Aap ki Dunyaa offers a consistent sound and identity throughout its broadcasts, which are presented in a lively and contemporary format. Listeners get the latest news at the top and bottom of each prime time hour, with additional news, music and entertainment features filling in between.

"Once we've solidly established Aap ki Dunyaa, we plan to initiate more listener-driven programs, such as call-in shows and one-hour news blocks," says VOA Director David S. Jackson.

The staff is enthusiastic about the new station's potential. "I believe that Aap ki Dunyaa is filling a void in Pakistan's existing media scene," says staffer Zehra Mehdi Barlas. "We not only cover international, U.S., and regional news, but we're the first station to play Pakistani and Indian music together, along with Western music."

Listen to VOA's Radio Aap ki Dunyaa on 972 MW!