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BBG, VOA Honor Freelance Journalist Killed in Yemen

Almigdad Mojalli conducts an interview, Jan., 2015.
Almigdad Mojalli conducts an interview, Jan., 2015.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors expressed shock and sadness Sunday after freelance journalist Almigdad Mojalli, on assignment for the Voice of America, was killed in an air raid in Yemen.

“Almigdad Mojalli was a committed and talented journalist who made the ultimate sacrifice to report on the difficult, but important, stories coming out of Yemen,” said BBG CEO and Director John Lansing. “He dedicated his life to reporting on humanitarian crises, and we extend our condolences to his family.”

“Mr. Mojalli gave his life to provide the people of Yemen with reliable and uncensored information,” said BBG Chairman Jeff Shell. “Our deepest condolences are with his family, friends and colleagues.”

Since October, Mojalli had been reporting for VOA on the human impact of the war and the economic crisis in Yemen. He was in rebel-held Sana’a on Sunday morning when he was killed in a Saudi-led coalition airstrike.

"Truth telling on the ground in the midst of conflict is a serious endeavor,” said Acting VOA Director Kelu Chao. “Reporting on the tragic nature of war requires fortitude and a willingness to take risks. Mr. Mojalli was a fine journalist and an example for us all. We mourn the loss of this courageous man."

Mojalli leaves behind a family of seven.