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Border Crossings Marks Anniversary with Music Legends

The Jacksons meet up with Border Crossings host Larry London for an interview on his VOA radio program.
It has been a banner year for Border Crossings host Larry London, who had a chance to sit down with the Jacksons recently to talk about their success, their 2012 tour, and the 2009 death of their brother, pop music legend Michael Jackson.

Larry says the Jackson brothers, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon, carry a level of fame unlike any other musical group, and they are one of the most requested interviews he gets from listeners.

“The point is, with Michael they were huge, but without the Jackson 5, Michael’s career would not have started off,” Larry says.

Marlon Jackson told Larry the group’s music has a way of bringing people together. “Through our music we unite the world as one,” Marlon says.

“The interview with the Jackson Brothers will rank as one of the top interviews in my career,” Larry says. The program aired on November 12th, the same day Larry broadcast an interview with country singer songwriter and Grammy winner Taylor Swift.

All this took place right around the time Border Crossings celebrated its 16th Anniversary. In more than a decade-and-a-half, the show has evolved with each host, from Country with Judy Massa, to Oldies with Ray Freeman, to mainstream Pop music with current host Larry London.

Other notable interviews this year include One Direction, Owl City, The Script, Neon Trees, and Don McLean of American Pie fame.