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Bryan Fenkart on VOA’s Border Crossings

Singer, actor, and broadway performer Bryan Fenkart
Singer, actor, and broadway performer Bryan Fenkart
“I have dinner at midnight,” Broadway performer Bryan Fenkart revealed to Border Crossing’s host Larry London, who quizzed the actor and singer/songwriter about his work schedule and musical career.

With a calendar full of touring, songwriting, and performing on Broadway, Fenkart had lots to say about his path to success, and he talked to Larry about his sophomore album Simple and Grey.

“I feel like I spend most of my life telling other people’s stories and I feel like I have my own little stories that I want to tell; they are like little autobiographies,” Fenkart told Larry.

The conversation also touched on Fenkart’s role as Huey Calhoun in the hit Broadway musical Memphis, his live streaming concerts, his favorite charity, “Musicians on Call,” the extremely late hours that Broadway performers keep, and Larry’s comparison of Fenkart to a young Sean Penn.

Border Crossings fans were in for a treat; Larry played New World from Fenkart’s new album and his guest belted out OK and Singing Myself to Sleep live in the VOA studio.

Fenkart says he’s transitioning from acting to singing because he is a self-described actor who sings, even though he has performed more than 280 shows on Broadway. He attributed the jump from films to focusing more on Broadway and his singing career to his agents who knew he sang and sent him to auditions.

Filling out his busy schedule, the actor/musician says he also spends time streaming concerts for his fans using social media sites and donates time to Musicians on Call, a charity organization that plays for people who have been hospitalized.