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Catherine Schlichting - Public Relations Intern

Being in the Public Relations office has provided me with the opportunity to apply what I have learned in the classroom, a chance to be in an encouraging environment, and to be introduced to a culturally diverse organization. During my time at Voice of America, I have generated content for the website, assisted in managing social media accounts, helped with events and even met popstar Akon along the way! One of the most exciting parts of working at VOA is that there is something always going on and influential people coming from all around the globe to visit. It amazes me how much of an impact VOA has and the number of people that tune in worldwide each week. Working here has been a wonderful experience that has furthered my interest in the communications field. I have truly enjoyed being around people in the office that have been a part of VOA for years and shared their career experiences with me. I would definitely an internship at Voice of America not only because of positive experiences that I have had, but also because of all of the opportunities to learn and gain new skills that are transferrable in any career path you may choose.