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Christina Perri Chats up Larry London on Border Crossings

Singer/Songwriter Christina Perri. Photo: Facebook Fan Page.
Singer/Songwriter Christina Perri. Photo: Facebook Fan Page.
Singer-songwriter and Philadelphia native Christina Perri was Larry London’s guest on Border Crossings Monday. Larry caught up with the young vocalist and taped the interview in Columbia, Maryland where she was on a recent tour stop with Jason Mraz.

Perri, who discussed her hit song Jar of Hearts, her music being played on the Twilight movie soundtrack, and overcoming stage fright, told Larry, “It’s been a very magical two years. I’m now working on year three. But it’s been really, really wonderful.”

Perri rocketed to fame in 2010 when her best friend was able to get Jar of Hearts played on the T.V. show, So You Think You Can Dance. “What really happened was that my whole life changed […] I existed. I didn’t exist before,” Perri told Larry. After her song shot to the top of the charts, Perri appeared on several T.V. shows, before signing with Atlantic records.

Perri gushed about the excitement she felt when she discovered she would be able to write two songs for the Twilight film Breaking Dawn, as well as being able to travel with the Twilight cast on a private jet.

Perri is about to release a Christmas CD, A Very Merry Perri Christmas.

Check out her entire interview on the Monday October 8th edition of Border Crossings with Larry London.