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Deadly Syrian Air Attack Witnessed by VOA Reporter

Syrians wounded in an air strike that hit their homes evacuate a field hospital after a second air strike in Azaz on the outskirts of Aleppo, Syria, August 15, 2012.
VOA correspondent Scott Bobb became an eyewitness to a Syrian air attack that killed or injured dozens of people in the rebel held border town of Azaz on Wednesday.

Bobb says he was interviewing a local Syrian rebel commander when a Syrian MiG fighter dropped a bomb three blocks from his location (link to story).

"It blew the windows out of the office during the interview, everyone evacuated," Bobb said. "A few minutes later, it appeared that the same MiG made a second pass and dropped another bomb."

Bobb says the first bomb hit near the central market. "The second hit near the hospital. We witnessed wounded coming across, one man was clearly dead having received shrapnel through the chest, others were lightly wounded but were going to Turkey for treatment,” Bobb said.

"I have seen dozens of people fleeing, often families, sometimes three or four on a motorcycle," Bobb said. "I saw one family of about six on a farm tractor crossing through a rural road, an olive tree field, and others have come through in ambulances, pickup trucks, civilian vehicles, cars."

Voice of America has been providing extensive coverage of the nearly 18-month-long uprising in Syria, including on-the-ground reports from Scott Bobb and other correspondents who have been visiting border areas and refugee camps where tens of thousands of people have fled the fighting.