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In-House Design Duo Spruces Up Studio 47

Art Director Monte Hatcher and lead designer Pradeep Mistry inside Studio 47.
Redesigning an entire television studio – in-house – was uncharted territory for VOA Art Director Monte Hatcher.

Hatcher boasts more than two decades of industry experience, from graphics and animation at major TV networks, to spearheading VOA Persian’s graphics department. But taking on this studio design project was different.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done a large-scale studio redesign like this,” Hatcher explained. “It was a collaboration between VOA lighting and TV directors, and the set building contractor Veritas Scenic.”

In just four months, Hatcher and lead designer Pradeep Mistry revamped Studio 47, complete with three distinct sets, a video wall, a fully customizable LED lighting system, and a news ticker in the background – a VOA studio first.

“The goal was to make the studio as flexible as possible,” Hatcher said.

Studio 47 customized for VOA Persian's show "Last Page"
Studio 47 customized for VOA Persian's show "Last Page"
Adjustable light bands – a popular design trend in many U.S. and international broadcasting sets – provide color variety and artistically frame foreground activity. The news ticker allows producers to input standard news headlines, or engage audiences through social media by providing Twitter handles and Facebook page information.

“As VOA Art Director, my goal is to incorporate industry-leading practices and ideas into VOA's productions and designs,” Hatcher said. “The fun for me is collaborating with VOA's great talent pool to do so.”