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In the Public Eye: Police, Cameras & the Constitution

Wednesday June 17, 2015

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


555 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC 20001

Voice of America, in partnership with the Newseum, is hosting a panel discussion that examines how new electronic devices are changing the relationship between police and the American public.

A studio audience comprised of members of Congress, reporters and law enforcement officials will watch a live discussion among a panel of top law enforcement officials and constitutional experts


Mickey Osterreicher, Chief legal counsel for the National Press Photographers Association

Gene Policinski, COO of the Newseum Institute

Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst, The American Civil Liberties Union's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project

Terrance Gainer, former Chief US Capitol Police

Robert Villasenor, Tuscon Police Chief & member President's task force for 21st century policing

Jonathon Smith, Associate Dean at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law