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Irene Larraz, Latin America Division Correspondent

Irene Larraz
Irene Larraz

“I love covering things for VOA – it gives me the chance to take photos, interview people, and do the things I enjoy. I had a friend who talked with me about working at Voice of America. He told me about the level of professionalism and so I came to VOA [as an intern] to learn from people who had more expertise than me. They allowed me to cover things and listened to my ideas seriously. I always feel I am having great experiences on every platform. Now [as a correspondent] I feel at ease at VOA and feel that there is always someone to hear your needs and your point of view. I also love working in Argentina, which is the area I have studied as part of my masters program and where I am currently based. In Argentina I try to meet people in the streets and they are very open and comfortable. Everywhere you go, they talk to you. A lot of interesting things take place and, since I am not from there, I always feel there are so many things to cover.”

Irene Larraz came to the Voice of America as in intern in 2010 and was hired in January 2011. She currently serves as a correspondent in the Latin America Division, focusing on events in Argentina, where she is currently located. As a reporter, she writes articles and works on the Latin America Division’s Spanish website. In addition, she works on a blog about student life in Latin America. She graduated from Spain’s Universidad de Navarra in 2010 and is currently working on her M.A. in International Relations, with a focus on Latin America, at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Originally from Pamplona, Spain, Irene has always been fascinated by Argentine history and culture.