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Secretary Kerry to VOA Persian: Iran Deal will Make the World Safer

A few hours after the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution endorsing the West’s nuclear deal with Iran, US Secretary of State John Kerry told VOA the resolution is “an expression of hope for the future for Iran, for the rest of the world,” but admitted that the “agreement is based on the hope that the nuclear problem will be resolved” and a lot will depend on its implementation.

In a one-on-one TV interview with VOA Persian Director, Setareh Derakhshesh, Kerry said “If we implement this, then we are on a path to perhaps opening up a set of opportunities.”

Answering concerns that due to the complexity of the implementation process, the US will refrain from pressing the issue of human rights or US citizens wrongfully imprisoned in Iran, Kerry noted that Washington “will never ever stop” raising the issue of the Americans who are held, or standing up for people’s rights. He also stressed that if the deal is fully implemented “the people of Iran are going to see an improved standard of living, they’ll see sanctions lifted off of them."

Kerry also sent a message to members of Congress vocal in their opposition of this deal. “If you don’t let this agreement go forward you could be choosing conflict and war,” he said.

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