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More of Sonny Side of Sports to Come for VOA Audiences

Many brighter days are in the forecast for sports reporting, as VOA’s Sonny Side of Sports radio show is expanding due to the popularity of host Sonny Young’s energetic style and up-to-the minute reporting.

Sonny Side of Sports, previously just a segment on the evening program, Africa News Tonight, with a breakout show on Fridays recapping the week’s highlights and previewing weekend sporting events, will now expand to 30 minutes daily, Monday through Friday. The extended schedule will begin Monday, March 21, 2016.

Since the show began in 1999, Sonny has provided audiences with action-packed programming that highlights both world and African sports.

“Our audience loves sports, and they love Sonny,” says English to Africa Service Chief Sonya Laurence Green. “We’re excited to extend his program to bring listeners more of what they want.” Expanded coverage throughout the week will include more on-the-scene reporting, analysis, and a new social media segment tracking what is trending in the world of sports.

“I’ve received a lot of social media inquiries through Facebook and Twitter about expanded coverage. This initiative is our response to those requests from our many fans,” says Sonny Young.

Listeners can tune into Sonny’s show at 1630 UTC and 1830 UTC Monday – Friday and additionally at 1730 UTC on Fridays on VOA frequencies. Audience members can also check out the program’s Facebook page and blog and follow Sonny on Twitter.