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Navbahor Imamova, VOA Uzbek Service

Navbahor Imamova
Navbahor Imamova

“I always wanted to be a journalist. I liked to tell stories and wanted to be the first to let people know about something. I grew up in an information-controlled society but my family listened to VOA and when WorldNet television was available in the former USSR, it was the first English program I ever watched. To me, what we do as journalists has the most impact on people. I strongly believe that we connect our audiences with the world. Here in the Uzbek service, we work very hard to cover stories that are relevant and unique. We stand out because we are offering the kinds of reports, interviews and analysis that no one else does in Central Asia. We bring America to the households in the region, and whether our audiences like U.S. policies or not, they listen, watch and read because they know what we say is credible and reliable. We live in an incredibly small world. So governments are more aware than ever that they can’t block the information flow forever.”

Navbahor Imamova joined VOA in 2003 and hosts daily radio and weekly TV shows, including Exploring America, targeted at Uzbek audiences throughout Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. She is also the senior editor of the VOA Uzbek website. Navbahor started her career as a reporter with the Uzbek National Broadcasting Company. She taught journalism at the Uzbek State World Languages University in Tashkent. Born and raised in rural Uzbekistan, where her mother is still a farmer, Navbahor has a B.A. in journalism and mass communications from the University of Mysore, India and a M.A. from Ball State University, where she was honored with an alumnus award for excellence in broadcasting.