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New Pope Gives Boost to Spanish Branch

VOA producer Ramon Taylor recorded and photographed images of the 2013 papal conclave. Several VOA language services used the photos.
Timing is everything. So it was a lucky break when the new Pope emerged just as Spanish Service reporter Celia Mendoza was doing a live shot from Rome with VOA’s TV affiliate in Peru, ATV+.

Of course, the station stayed with ­­­­­­­­­­Celia as she downloaded everything she knew about the new pontiff. Affiliates throughout Latin America relied on VOA for live shots on the Pope, including 8 for TV and 14 daily radio cut-ins.

VOA Spanish also provided live shots to Radio Marti, our own Central Newsroom, the Persian Service, Indonesian, English to Africa, VOA English and French to Africa.

The LatAm social media team put together a Flickr account with original photos from the Vatican, live tweeted and had a “social conversation” with the US embassy in Managua. Ramon Taylor took some time out for a little creative video project while he was in Rome.

But Spanish was not the only service on this story. Central News cranked out a wealth of TV packages, including analysis of the selection, as well as radio and web elements that were used by services throughout the house.

Religion reporter Jerome Socolovsky spent ten days in Rome doing set-up and background pieces. Newsroom Deputy Managing Editor David Jones says collaboration with the language services was “just fabulous.”

Watch one of Jerome Socolovsky pieces here: