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One on One with Peter Clottey

VOA’s English to Africa service has launched a new weekly interview segment called “One on One with Peter Clottey,” as part of the television program Africa 54. Audiences get to meet the high-level decision makers, the thinkers, the influencers, and the leaders who are making a difference in the lives of Africans and others across the globe. Host Peter Clottey sits down for intimate five-minute conversations with leaders in technology, government, the arts and business.

“I’m excited about sharing these conversations with our audience – they are unique,” Clottey says. “We get to discuss the latest developments in their fields of endeavor as well as the impact of their work on Africans. Our viewers will definitely have a say in who we speak with each week – it’s the best way to make VOA’s current events programming relevant to them.”

This new, short-form segment will appeal to television viewers and digital audiences alike. Using social media, viewers can engage with Clottey and his guests by sending in comments and questions.

“Peter is just the person to successfully pull off this new segment,” says English to Africa Service Chief Sonya Laurence Green, noting that Clottey is one of English to Africa’s best-known correspondents, having covered political, social, and economic news across Africa for over 10 years. “He is an expert journalist, and knows how to get to the heart of an issue, and get the best out of his interviewees.”

The segments are available each week. Be sure to tune in!