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Polygraph.Info To Speak Truth To Disinformation

As disinformation and misinformation extend their global reach and influence, Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) are teaming up to offer a new fact-checking resource., a globally aware and nonpartisan website, is a timely response to the deluge of often false or misleading information confounding audiences around the world.

" addresses the public demand for professionally verified information, and will power a range of RFE/RL and VOA news coverage that will report the truth," said RFE/RL President Thomas Kent.

"It separates fact from fiction, adds context, and debunks lies, blunting the destructive effects of disinformation and helping audiences make informed choices and decisions," said VOA Director Amanda Bennett.'s team of RFE/RL and VOA journalists researches and analyzes statements from government officials and other high-profile individuals to assess their veracity. The site currently focuses on statements involving relations between Russia and the West, but its analysis will expand to other areas of the world.

VOA delivers news and information in more than 45 languages to a measured weekly audience of more than 236 million people. With 75 years of experience, VOA is a trusted source for accurate information about news events, freedom of expression, civil society, and change.

RFE/RL is a private, independent international news organization whose programs -- radio, internet, television, and mobile -- reach 27 million people in 26 languages and 23 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus, and the Baltic states.

VOA and RFE/RL are two of the five networks of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent federal agency supervising all U.S. government-supported, civilian international media.

Media inquiries can be made to Bridget Serchak at VOA in Washington at or +

In Europe, contact Joanna Levison at RFE/RL in Prague at or +420.221.122.080.