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Steve Ember Named Finalist in NYF International Radio Awards

Steve Ember at the New York Festivals International Radio Awards on June 17th
Steve Ember at the New York Festivals International Radio Awards on June 17th
Steve Ember’s broadcasting skills were again recognized at the New York Festivals International Radio Awards.

Ember was designated a finalist in the Best Narration category for his work on The Making of a Nation, a weekly VOA Learning English series of highly produced fifteen-minute audio documentaries that teach American history through narration, music, news actuality, and interview clips.

“I’m proud to have this body of work for VOA recognized in this prestigious competition,” said Ember, who attended the awards gala in New York on June 17th. He thanked his editors for really letting him run with the project and “give it an updated sound, and in the process, have it honored by my professional peers.”

Ember said that “working with sound elements like news actualities, popular music, and sound clips from TV shows such as I Love Lucy or All in the Family, make programs about the twentieth and twenty-first centuries especially rich and engaging.”

The finalist certificate marks his sixth major recognition for The Making of a Nation since becoming producer and narrator of the program in 2011.

Ember was a veteran broadcaster when he came to VOA in 1986, but he said his current work poses unique demands.

“It’s not only speaking slowly, but also making it engaging and transmitting a sense of involvement,” he explained. “You’re not just reading words; you’re sharing stories with your audience and informing them in a way that you hope will keep their attention. That is the real skill in voicing for Learning English.”