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Tarinee Youkhaw

PR Intern Tarinee Youkhaw
PR Intern Tarinee Youkhaw
"Every day is a new page for me at VOA. From writing press releases and meeting the Cranberries and the Kosovo President, to interviewing our diverse staff, helping redesign the Public Relations website and leading studio tours, I’ve learned so much on a professional and personal level. Interning here has challenged me to do things outside my comfort zone and has given me an insight into the nuts and bolts of the broadcasting agency. This is where I truly get to contribute and make things happen. My favorite part of the experience is the people. My supervisor and coworkers went out of their way to train me and cared to listen to what I have to say. The diversity in the building is also amazing! Being in PR allowed me to interact with many people from different backgrounds every day and it is through these people that I got the opportunity to try broadcasting for the first time. At the Thai Service, I wrote feature stories about global issues and announced them on their radio program. I also got a chance to work with the VOA60 Elections team on a pilot video for the Thai Service. It was such a rewarding experience to tell people at home about what’s going on around the world from a different perspective."

  • Tarinee Youkhaw, Public Relations Intern (Summer 2012)

Tarinee Youkhaw is an international student from Bangkok, Thailand. She is a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College studying International Relations with a minor in French. She decided to apply for an internship at VOA because of her interest in journalism and international affairs.