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Tech-Savvy Young Audience Gives Big Numbers to VOA Hausa

WASHINGTON, D.C. —It has been a record-breaking time for the digital platform of VOA’s Hausa Service, which broadcasts to Nigeria and other Hausa-speaking areas of West Africa. On December 10, 1.1 million single day page views were recorded across the three VOA Hausa sites -- Hausa Mobile, Dandalin VOA and Hausa Desktop. Numbers that high have continued the following days as well.

Major news stories are one reason for the soaring page views – celebrated comedian Dan Ibro died last week in the northern Nigerian city of Kano, there were a series of Boko Haram attacks in Kano and other cities, and the APC, Nigeria's main opposition party, held its primaries. But other factors are at work also.

The record-breaking numbers are further proof of a generational shift among young Africans to digital platforms for their news and entertainment. It is in recognition of this shift that VOA Hausa created Dandalin VOA in February 2014.

A mobile-only platform geared to young men and women 15 to 25 years old, Dandalin VOA features a programming line-up of lifestyle, music, sports, and news. Also available on Dandalin is a 24/7 live music and news stream that provides breaking news in times of crisis.

According to Ibrahim Ahmed, managing editor of VOA Hausa Digital, "Hausa's mobile and social platforms are strategically placed to become the main sources of news, information, and lifestyle for millions of young Hausa speakers who have migrated to the mobile Internet.”

Africa presents VOA with one of its biggest opportunities to grow its worldwide audience across all media – especially among mobile-savvy youth who dominate Africa demographically.