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Tony Award Winner Alfie Boe Visits Border Crossings

Border Crossings host Larry London with guest Alfie Boe.
Border Crossings host Larry London with guest Alfie Boe.
“I feel very patriotic about America, even though it’s not where I’m from,” revealed opera singer and Englishman Alfie Boe, who stopped by VOA recently for an appearance on Border Crossings with Larry London.

The singer was in Washington for the National Memorial Day Concert, where he performed his passionate rendition of Bring Him Home, from the hit musical Les Misérables. He described the experience as, “A very humbling event to be a part of.”

An opera singer for seventeen years, Alfie Boe is now shifting his vocal abilities over to other genres. Several rock and pop tunes are included in his newest album, Storyteller. For him, that album title describes how artists see themselves when they sing and portray a story.

When asked about possible misconceptions, he replied, “I don’t consider myself a cross-over singer; to me, it's crossing over to a different audience not genre.” In fact, his autobiography, Alfie: My Story, released last year, provided another platform for the singer to share more about the musical struggles he has encountered along the way.

His accomplishments as both an opera singer and actor have earned him a Tony award for his performance in Baz Luhrmann’s Broadway production of La Bohème, and in 2010, he won the lead role as Jean Valjean in the forthcoming 25th-anniversary production of Les Misérables.

His performance of Bring Him Home has become one of his signature songs, which he performed in studio with Larry. His interview with Larry will be included on an upcoming Border Crossings TV program.