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Tosin and Afrikan Rhapsody visit VOA

David Vendy (center) poses with members of Tosin and Afrikan Rhapsody in VOA studio.
Drummer and singer Tosin Aribisala and his band Afrikan Rhapsody, appeared on VOA’s African Beat, to play some their hits and chat with host David Vandy about the band’s origins, their genre of music, and Tosin’s inspiration for song titles.

“I am excited with the fact that he is a very good drummer,” Vandy said. “He has been playing in schools and he also plays at the Kennedy Center.”

Aribisala explained his passion for music began when he was very young. “I used to fiddle around with the drums [then] I started taking guitar lessons,” Aribisala said. “My interest kept shifting between guitar and the drum set. Instead of playing on the street, I was doing that.”

Aribisala, who is originally from Nigeria, moved to the U.S. in 2001 where he formed his five-member band. On the show, Tosin and Afrikan Rhapsody played a number of
Tosin (left), along with his band members, perform in studio on VOA's African Beat radio show.
Tosin (left), along with his band members, perform in studio on VOA's African Beat radio show.
songs, including Resolve to Love and Restoration.

According to Aribisala, the inspiration for the title Resolve to Love came to him when he auditioned a girl to sing along with the tune. Aribisala claims the girl told him a story about how her father left her family. “I thought wow, somebody just left like that,” explained Tosin. “There must be a resolution.”

Aribisala even gave a little plug for VOA during his visit. He says he came because he wanted, “to get my music to a larger audience because I know Voice of America has a lot of following outside of America.”

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