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Trevor Rabin on VOA's Border Crossings

Larry London in studio with Trevor Rabin
Larry London in studio with Trevor Rabin
Larry London welcomed legendary South African born rock guitarist Trevor Rabin to Border Crossings to discuss his new album Jacaranda.

The two chatted about Trevor winning the 2012 ASCAP Henry Mancini Career Achievement Award, his amicable breakup with the band Yes, and his scores for some 40 movies with famed directors such as Jerry Bruckheimer, Renny Harlin, and John Turteltaub.

The conversation also turned to the question of which guitarists have served as an influence, his son’s career as a drummer, and the downfall of the music industry because of the advent of illegal downloading of copyrighted material.

Larry played Market Street from Trevor’s new album Jacaranda that debuted on May 8, 2012. “I wanted to visit different genres with this album,” Trevor said. He revealed two important details about his career and musical journey. Don Cassell, Joe Pass, and Herb Ellis influenced him as a guitar player and one of the most awe inspiring moments of his career was performing in Rio in front of an enormous crowd. “There is something uplifting about performing for 400,000 people,” he said.

Trevor’s introduction to music began at an early age as his father was the lead violinist in the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra for 15 years. As a child he played the piano but taught himself the guitar. Asked by Larry if he had switched to the guitar because of girls, Trevor said, “Yeah, it was 110% about the girls.”