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Upcoming Bosnian General Elections

Media Advisory

October 3, 2018

General elections will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 7, 2018. All Bosnian elected institutions, at three different levels: state, entity and canton, as well as the autonomous Brčko District, are up for re-election. These include the three-person national presidency and the central state parliament – despite the fact that there is currently no legal basis for the election of a new House of Representatives. The presidency is the country’s collective head of state and each of the three members represents one of the country’s constituent peoples: Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats.

The VOA Bosnian language service has provided extensive coverage in advance of this election, including interviews with representatives at all levels.

To schedule an interview or to speak with Dzeilana Pecanin Allison, the Bosnian language service chief, please contact