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VOA Urdu Multimedia Program Wins Cholistan Award

From left to right: Aleem Khan, member of Lions Club delegation; Yasmin Jamil, host of Har Dum Rawan Hai Zindagi; Ali Malik; Razia Malik; Farooq Ahmed Khan, Founder of Bahawalpur Cholistan Lions Club; Faiz Rehman, VOA Urdu Service Chief; and Malik Qasim.

VOA Urdu’s popular program Har Dam Rawan Hai Zindagi, hosted by Ms. Yasmin Jamil, has won the 2015 Cholistan Award, one of the most prestigious awards in Pakistan. The Cholistan Development Council, which launched the awards seventeen years ago to honor those who have done extraordinary work in their professional fields, has been working with Lions Clubs to sponsor the event since 2010.

VOA’s Har Dam Rawan Hai Zindagi (Life is Ever Vibrant) had been nominated for the award and was announced as one of the winners at the Cholistan Awards Ceremony last May.

At the beginning of July at VOA’s headquarters, the award was presented to Ms. Jamil, host of Har Dam Rawan Hai Zindagi, by Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan and Ms. Razia Malik, founders of the Bahawapur Cholistan Lions Club, the Lions Club International’s chapter in Pakistan. Mr. Khan and Ms. Malik stopped in Washington, D.C. to make the presentation while on their way to the 98th annual convention of Lions Clubs in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Har Dam Rawan Hai Zindagi is the Urdu Service’s first ever multimedia program available on radio, television, and social media. The program promotes cultural understanding of the United States through reports about Pakistani Americans from all walks of life. Since its first program, Har Dam Rawan Hai Zindagi has hosted hundreds of prominent Pakistani American; visiting Pakistani professionals, particularly those who visit under U.S.-funded programs; and several prominent non-profit organizations of Pakistani-Americans.

A recent series on the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program prompted a huge amount of favorable feedback on social media. The exchange program sends American high school students abroad to live with host families in Muslim countries and brings high school students from overseas to the United States to learn about the culture of this country.