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VOA Bangla Reporter Receives Prestigious UNICEF Award

VOA reporters work diligently and oftentimes under very difficult conditions to cover the most important issues around the world. Recently, a member of the Bangla Service received a prestigious award for doing just that. Sakib Swapnil was one of 36 media professionals to receive the 2015 UNICEF Meena Media Award for creative work in radio, for a story regarding the health of young girls in Bangladesh.

This piece was part of the “Better Health, Better Life” radio program that airs on Radio Today in Bangladesh and is a co-production between VOA’s Bangla service and Radio Today. Sakib’s home base is the VOA Dhaka Reporting Center, which is funded by USAID.

The UNICEF Meena Media Award was established in 2005. Named after a popular animated character created in Bangladesh, Meena symbolizes an iconic young girl - an agent of change - whose striking stories support the rights of children throughout South Asia. The award acknowledges excellence in advocating children’s issues in the media. “This honor draws attention to the great caliber of work of our journalists who often cover critical stories impacting our youth,” said VOA Bangla Service Chief Roquia Haider.

The ceremony took place in Dhaka with the Information Minister of Bangladesh presenting the awards.