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VOA Statement Condemning Myanmar's Continued Crackdown on Free Press

Voice of America condemns both the recent decision to impose a three-year prison term on VOA Burmese contributor Sithu Aung Myint and the continued media crackdown across Myanmar. Sithu Aung Myint had been contributing fact-based news analysis to a VOA weekly program since 2014 until his arrest in August of 2021.

“The government of Myanmar must stop the indiscriminate arrest and detention of journalists and the hopeless legal proceedings that follow,” explained Acting VOA Director Yolanda López. “The people of Myanmar deserve to live in a society that embraces accurate and objective news.”

The February 2021 coup d’état by the military junta brought about a stark decline in the journalistic environment in the country. Myanmar’s press freedom ranking is now among the worst in the world, at 176 out of 180 countries according to Reporters Without Borders.