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VOA Documentary Commemorates 70th Anniversary of WWII

Voice of America premiers a new documentary featuring oral histories from veterans of World War II’s close in China, Burma, and India.

“Journey 1945—China’s Path to Victory” focuses on two veterans of the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG) organized by the United States Government to aid the Nationalist Government of China against Japan.

The 60-minute documentary follows former “Flying Tigers” Patrick Chen and Robert Lee as they travel to Taiwan to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Japan’s surrender. Mr. Chen, Mr. Lee and their families attended the premier at VOA headquarters in Washington.

“The Flying Tigers were made up of American volunteers committed to working with the Chinese people,” says Acting VOA Director Kelu Chao. “Speaking different languages, they fought together shoulder-to-shoulder on the battlefield. The documentary tells parts of that story that are often forgotten in present day accounts of the war, and VOA is proud to present this much overlooked aspect of camaraderie.”

VOA’s daily Chinese-language television program VOA Weishi produced “Journey 1945 – China’s Path to Victory” to help examine how WWII influenced current China-US relations and what can be done to avoid future conflicts in East Asia.

“This collection of original interviews, archival footage, and expert analysis of impoverished China’s struggle against Imperial Japan’s invasion weaves recollections of painful stories too often forgotten or twisted by events after 1945,” says William Baum, VOA East Asia and Pacific Division Director.

The documentary is available on demand in English at:

A Mandarin-language version is available at:

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