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VOA Indonesian Tops 1 Million Facebook Fans

VOA Indonesia's Facebook Page
VOA Indonesia's Facebook Page
VOA’s Indonesian Service is marking a Facebook milestone: their most popular pages now have more than 1-million fans.

“The main page was launched in September 2009 and it just skyrocketed. Before we knew it, we had hundreds of thousands of fans,” said VOA Indonesian Service’s New Media manager, Ade Astuti. “Now, we have more than 900,000 fans on our main page and 117,000 fans on our Dunia Kita show page. Combined, we have over a million.”

Indonesia has the third largest number of Facebook users in the world, which certainly helped the service reach this milestone quickly.

“When we realized that this is such a popular platform, we thought that we should really invest in it,” Astuti added.
VOA Indonesia's Dunia Kita Facebook Page
VOA Indonesia's Dunia Kita Facebook Page

The Service started by putting ads on Facebook and later expanded its efforts with social media campaigns like Facebook discussions and blog contests. Despite its popularity, the service isn’t resting on its laurels and continues to upgrade its social media strategy.

“The challenge now is that Facebook keeps changing all the time…and we need to keep an eye on the new trends. We also have to look beyond Facebook. We want to be ahead of the curve when something big comes out,” said Astuti.

Today, VOA Indonesian reaches out to its audience on TV, radio, Internet and mobile platforms, covering international and domestic news and features stories. VOA programs are also broadcast on a network of affiliate stations around the country, where about 38 million adults see or hear VOA programs each week.