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VOA Learning English in American Spaces

VOA's George Grow
VOA's George Grow

Where do you go if you want to learn English and learn about U.S. culture, but you live in a different country?

VOA has partnered with the Office of American Spaces to bring VOA Learning English to people all over the world. VOA Learning English, originally launched in 1959 as Special English, offers instruction in speaking, writing, and reading. This training comes in the form of videos, worksheets, assessments, and lesson plans and is a valuable resource for English language learners and teachers around the world. By using the same topics that VOA’s journalists cover, VOA Learning English gives students insight into U.S. news and culture. The instructional videos feature technology, culture, science, business, and news.

American Spaces are U.S. Department of State facilities that provide foreign citizens access to information about U.S. culture through English lessons, speakers, exhibits, news, and even internet access. The first American Space was established in Argentina in 1927, and today there are more than 650 of them in partner institutions around the world.

Users access VOA Learning English on the American Spaces website. Resources include a 52-week course for beginners called “Let’s Learn English,” video lessons, and printable materials. The website also includes links to “VOA English in a Minute” and “VOA Everyday Grammar TV.”

The videos feature Americans engaging in everyday activities, giving an insight into American culture in addition to language training. The pace of these videos is slower than the average speaking speed, making it easier for students learning English to understand and learn the language.

By partnering with the Office of American Spaces, VOA gives more people access to VOA Learning English while providing foreign citizens with a window into U.S. culture and society.