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VOA's Let’s Play Elections

VOA's Ted Greenfield and Alberto Mascaro on the poster for Let's Play Elections
VOA's Ted Greenfield and Alberto Mascaro on the poster for Let's Play Elections
Highlights from the U.S. presidential election campaign and sports analogies collide in the VOA program called Let’s Play Elections.

The fast-paced roundup of U.S election news is designed to appeal to younger viewers who have been focused on this year’s European Football (soccer) Championship, EURO 2012. Let’s Play Elections gives the audience a taste of both worlds.

“Earlier this year, we started a program that exclusively deals with elections but we wanted something more interesting that can attract a larger audience,” said Amish Srivastava, Let’s Play Elections project manager. “Football is popular everywhere so I said why not mix it with elections and we created a separate program for that,” he added.

The show provides a brief update on the election campaign and explains the sometimes complicated process in simplified terms. A segment about football is included to add a touch of fun to the seriousness of politics. “Just by using football, the show becomes more casual and I’m allowed to use some music to make it peppier," said Srivastava.

Producers say the program provides the audience with a roundup of key election highlights, but the format is light and concise.

“It’s interesting the way it’s presented and the way it’s written,” said Alberto Mascaro, the anchor of the show and Director of VOA’s Latin America Division. "Hopefully, we’re giving something to the audience that makes them understand the process a little better,” he added.

The short 3 to 4 minute show is being translated into Spanish and Swahili. Translations are also being offered to affiliate TV stations in other languages.

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