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VOA Partners with Leading Radio Station in Haiti

VOA's Ronald Cesar (L) with Radio Télé Caraibes' Patrick Moussignac (C) and BBG's Bruce Sherman.
VOA's Ronald Cesar (L) with Radio Télé Caraibes' Patrick Moussignac (C) and BBG's Bruce Sherman.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Voice of America will expand its broadcast footprint through a newly minted agreement with Radio Télé Caraibes, FM 94.5 and AM 1150, a market-leading radio station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with coverage in selected cities across the country.

"We are very pleased to be in partnership with VOA to provide our growing national audiences with expanded international, U.S., and Haitian news," said Patrick Moussignac, general manager of Radio Télé Caraibes.

This new affiliation comes at an important strategic moment when Haiti is preparing for presidential elections in the coming months and continuing the massive post-earthquake reconstruction as they approach the fifth anniversary in January of the 2010 disaster.

Bruce Sherman, the Broadcasting Board of Governors’ director of strategy and development who signed the affiliate agreement, welcomed the new partnership with Radio Caraibes and noted, "BBG and VOA are keen to support independent media in Haiti to strengthen freedom of press and expression, and we believe Radio Télé Caraibes is a committed practitioner of both."

Over 28 years, VOA’s Creole Service has established itself as the leading international news organization broadcasting to Haiti and as a well-recognized source of trustworthy and reliable news. The Service’s call-in-shows offer Haitians a unique opportunity to participate in discussions about key issues. The Service is also actively engaged in journalism training across the country.

The agreement was finalized while BBG and VOA staff were in Port-au-Prince conducting training for 14 journalists from current affiliate partners.

"Partnering with Radio Télé Caraibes is a welcome way to better serve our audience and expand our reach and impact in Port-au-Prince and across Haiti," said VOA's Creole Service chief, Haitian-born Ronald Cesar, who was on hand to lead the training and cement the affiliate agreement.