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VOA Reporter June Soh Wins Bronze Medal at New York Festivals Television and Film Awards

VOA reporter June Soh with a Bronze Medal from the New York Festivals Television & Film Awards

VOA reporter June Soh honored for 2010 TV feature on legendary guitar maker Wayne Henderson.

Voice of America reporter and videographer June Soh has won a Bronze Medal at the 2011 New York Festivals World's Best Television & Films Award, one of the most respected competitions in the world, with entries from more than 35 countries.
Soh, who was presented the award this week at a ceremony in Las Vegas, said she was “delighted” to be honored for her 2010 TV feature on Wayne Henderson, one of the finest acoustic guitar makers in the United States.

June Soh
June Soh
Soh says when she heard about the legendary guitar maker in 2005 she “immediately knew she wanted to do a feature on Henderson,” who lives a quiet life in a small village in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
She says several years went by as she tried on and off to arrange a meeting with Henderson, who has no computer, cell phone or answering machine and frequently works late into the night producing hand-made guitars for customers who often wait up to 10 years for his instruments.
Soh, who shoots and produces her own television material, says she found Henderson “a master artist, yet very humble.” She says, “The day I arrived, he let me shoot until close to midnight at his workshop.” Soh’s feature (click here) can be found at

VOA Director Danforth W. Austin says “June’s well deserved award recognizes the kind of vivid storytelling that lets our audience get to know the people of the United States and see how they live.”

Guitar maker Wayne Henderson
Guitar maker Wayne Henderson
The New York Festivals Television & Film Awards recognize the "World's Best Work" in news, sports, documentary, information and entertainment programs as well as music videos, infomercials, promotion spots, and program opens. Now in its 54th year, the number of entries in the competition continues to grow.