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VOA Rolls Out Learning English Wordbook App

Learning English at home or on the go is now easier and more fun with VOA’s Mobile Wordbook app.

The app, which adds to VOA’s expanding range of free language learning tools, is getting rave reviews. “This is a great app!! Very easy to use and extremely helpful. Very nice,” one satisfied user commented.

The Mobile Wordbook app is available free through the iTunes app store and has about 1,000 entries from the VOA Learning English wordbook. It helps users build their vocabulary by hearing how words are pronounced and used, and seeing images that make the meaning clear.

“We want all of our programs to be mobile, so people can have access where they want it and when they want it,” says Ted Greenfield, of VOA’s Learning English. “This app puts the Learning English wordbook in the palm of your hand,” Greenfield says.

VOA Learning English Wordbook
VOA Learning English Wordbook
The app, for both the iPhone and the iPad, is part of a range of VOA language programs that have helped millions of people around the world to learn English with news and feature stories about the latest international developments.

VOA’s Learning English website has exercises, games and online classes that help students learn grammar, pronunciation and speaking skills. Millions of viewers also go to the VOA Learning English YouTube channel, which has technology, agriculture, economics and health reports.

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