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VOA Rooftop Gets Covered Standup Platform

Spanish broadcaster JP Zarruk reporting live from the new standup location on the rooftop of VOA's headquarters in Washington, DC.
VOA’s rooftop standup location, with the US capitol in the background, is one of the best Washington has to offer. And it just got better with the addition of a brand new covered platform.

“We have one of the best shots in town, and I’m so glad we can finally say we are able to operate in any type of weather,” according to Darrell Allen, VOA’s ENG Manager.

“The project took a lot of coordination and cooperation with the Architect of the Capitol, the Historical Society, GSA, and the facilities department here, Allen said.

The project has been years in the making. In the past, reporters relied on rented tents when the weather didn’t cooperate. The previous standup location was comparatively cramped – measuring only 8 square feet. Now, it’s nearly 20.
The standup location before the upgrades
The standup location before the upgrades

“With the significant size increase, we’ve improved the comfort for our reporters, and created the opportunity to have two, maybe three, standups at a time,” Allen said.

VOA Spanish reporter JP Zarruk was among the first to break in the new tent. As host of the popular TV show El Mundo al Dia, Zarruk appreciates the upgrades largely because he knows his audience appreciates the look.

“It’s a great space for lighting, and really makes the background of the Capitol even more appealing,” Zarruk said.

The upgraded rooftop location also includes a stand for an iPad, which can double as a teleprompter, and heat lamps will help with the winter temps.