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VOA’s Seth Jason a Passionate Volunteer for Cancer Awareness

Voice of America television studio supervisor Seth Jason, a Washington, D.C. native, has a passion for raising cancer awareness not only during Breast Cancer Awareness month each October, but also year round. Although Jason’s family has never been directly affected by cancer, Jason regularly contributes to and supports a range of health-related causes.

Over the last sixteen years, Jason, also known as the “Cow Guy” because of the cow costume he wears at many of these events, has volunteered 56 times at cancer walks across America. Jason recalls the first time he wore the costume at an event and remembers posing for photos with hundreds of cancer awareness event participants and bringing smiles to thousands. His passion is to give back to the community and make a difference by his active participation in these programs. As a sign of his continued commitment since first donning a cow costume in 2001, Jason has purchased multiple cow costumes due to wear and tear.

Jason would like to see everyone get involved in causes that matter to them, whether it is walking for health awareness, or volunteering for one hour, once a year. “Anything people can do to help can have a tremendous impact,” he said.