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VOA Spanish on Mobile Phones in Latin America

VOA Spanish on Mobile Phones in Latin America
VOA Spanish on Mobile Phones in Latin America

Free news service available for mobile users from Mexico to Peru.

Mobile phone users from Mexico to Peru can now listen to Voice of America’s Spanish language news bulletins, thanks to a new VOA partnership with AudioNow and its patent-pending technology that can stream radio content to any phone.

By simply dialing up the free service, mobile phone users can listen to VOA’s latest five minute Spanish language newscast in Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela.

Access numbers for mobile subscribers in each country are posted on the VOA Spanish Service website.

VOA Latin America Division Managing Editor Clara Dominguez says the use of the cost-effective AudioNow technology, “represents an expansion of our commitment to free and open access to media throughout the world, and especially in Latin America, where mobile phone use has grown rapidly.”

AudioNow, a provider of mobile phone radio distribution in North America and around the world, uses proprietary technology that allows any fixed or mobile phone to access live and pre-recorded audio programming.

Dominguez says, “VOA’s Spanish language service continues to expand its audience throughout the Southern Hemisphere and this exciting partnership with AudioNow gives us an opportunity to serve an important listener base on a platform they are comfortable using.”

Users of the new service do not have to download any software. The service is free, although some mobile operators may apply phone service charges, so users should check their mobile plan for details.

Listen to VOA at the following numbers: Argentina, Buenos Aires: +541159841362, Colombia, Bogotá: +5715087720, El Salvador, Nacional: +50321131960, México, Ciudad de México: +525530987583, Panamá, Nacional: +5078365477, Perú, Lima: +5117086904, Venezuela, Caracas: +582123357780.

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