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VOA TV Show Explores Pakistani Culture in America

Kahani Pakistani
Kahani Pakistani
Audiences in Pakistan are giving a “thumbs up” to the new VOA Urdu language TV show Kahani Pakistani, which premiered Thursday on Pakistan’s Aaj news channel.

The 30-minute show, which airs Thursdays and Fridays, is hosted by the irrepressible Ayesha Gilani, a celebrated Pakistani-American model.
Ayesha Gilani
Ayesha Gilani
Kahani Pakistani (in English, Pakistani Story) explores the intersection between American life and Pakistani culture, and features events like the Muslim Food Fest in Baltimore, and a recent Pakistani music concert in D.C.

“When I travel to events like these, I meet Pakistanis and other South Asians who have life stories that would be interesting to our audiences,” Gilani said. “They help explain to our audiences the different facets of living in America.”

Gilani’s stories from the road are supplemented by reports from the Urdu Service’s reporters in L.A. as well as inside Pakistan, which provide compelling comparisons between American and Pakistani cultures.

“Ultimately what I hope audiences gain from the show is that no matter what country you grow up in, your story and your roots stay with you,” Gilani said.

The debut episode follows host Gilani into her family’s home, as she explains how she strived from a young age to stay close to her Pakistani roots while adapting to American culture. The episode includes old family videos and interviews with her parents and other family members.
Ayesha Gilani
Ayesha Gilani
“We are confident that Kahani Pakistani’s host and the unique presentation will be a hit with our viewers,” says Urdu Service Chief Faiz Rehman.

Aaj TV, which airs the new VOA show, is a 24-hour news channel available on satellite and cable in Pakistan. Kahani Pakistani is also available on the VOA Urdu webpage, on YouTube and Facebook.

The show follows in the footsteps of the successful program Sana A. Pakistan, which debuted last year and followed host Sana Mirza around America as she got to know her newly adopted country.