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Voice of America Blog Network Pulls it All Together

Blogs@VOANews adds new features, makes finding your favorite blog easier than ever
Blogs@VOANews adds new features, makes finding your favorite blog easier than ever

New English language web page makes it easier than ever to see the top stories and issues that people are talking about.

Discuss intelligence issues with VOA’s Security Briefing. Find out what international students think about life in the United States at The Student Union. Click on Jazz Beat and find out what music has inspired protesters in Egypt. Now you can do all this and more thanks to Voice of America’s new blog network.

All of VOA’s English language blogs are now conveniently listed on one webpage, including The Sonny Side of Sports, African Music Treasures, Russia Watch, and Digital Frontiers, our dynamic online discussion of privacy, identity and freedom in the digital age.

In addition to a single page that brings together links to all of VOA’s blog sites, you can see what others are saying about key issues, and what topics are generating the most interest. You can also interact with VOA journalists, see what story “tags” are being used the most, and find quick links to important resources.

Staying in touch with the latest U.S. and international developments is easy with VOA Breaking News, a survey of the top stories from each region with full access to news and analysis by VOA journalists around the world.

VOA Director Danforth W. Austin says, “The new blog network has already generated significant audience gains because it’s easy to find original VOA content written for the web. Each blog is like a story beat, and all forms of media are pulled into one central place.” Austin says, “It also offers our audience an easy way to have a dialogue with our reporters on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.”

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